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Hello.  My name is Hisamitsu Kato.  
Thank you for stopping by “Nagomi Ichiban”.
Nagomi Ichiban is located in Kanagawa which is close to the
famous Kamakura Buddha.
“Nagomi” means peace and relief.  “Ichiban” means #1.  
Our products are all handmade which have been brought
down many centuries by traditional Japanese artisans.   
Each item contains special tasks, real artisan’s spirits,
and a warm heart.  We would like to deliver our true Japanese
warm  hearted artisan spirit to you.
                                       Thank you,

Nagomi Ichiban     和みいちばん

Hisamitsu Kato      加藤久満

 3-5 Mejiroyama Katase Fujisawa-shi

 Kanagawa-ken、 Post- 251-0034  Japan



TEL: 0466-28-8026 (Japanese Only)

FAX: 0466-28-5161

Email:  Info@HandicraftJapan.com

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